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By default, the client uses the same name as your computer on the network for example, my server is Windows; my client is Hack.

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To find the name of your computer in Windows, open your Start menu, right-click Computer, and select Properties. Your computer name is listed under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings. On a Mac, open the Sharing preference pane; your computer name is listed in the top text input. Once you know your computer's names, drag and drop the monitor icon from the top right of the Screens and Links dialog onto the layout we're still working on your server PC ; drop the new monitor icon next to your server in the same layout as your monitors are on your desk.

For example, my Mac's monitor is to the left of my Windows monitor. Double-click the Unnamed screen you just added, then enter the client's screen name.

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When you're done, you should see two computers on the Screens and Links grid that mirror the monitor setup on your workspace. Download and install Synergy on the client computer the one without the keyboard and mouse connected.

If you're Synergy client is going to be a Windows computer, download the same Synergy installer for Windows. After you've installed your Synergy client, launch Synergy exactly the same way as you did on the server, except choose Client Use Another Computer's Keyboard And Mouse. Enter the name of the server computer. To try the connection, click the Start button: first on the server and then on the client PC.

Try moving the mouse off the server screen.

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If all goes well, it will land on the client screen safely! If the second computer is a Mac, download SynergyKM. Enter the name of the server computer in the Client Configuration tab and click the Apply Now button.

How to Connect Two or More Computers to One Monitor

To try the connection, click Turn Synergy On in the General tab. Install the Synergy software on both the Windows and the Linux machines. The Windows installation is simple: download the Windows. Follow these steps for the Linux installation:. Setup is quite straightforward, but there are videos in their forum if you need help. Synergy also allows you to share your clipboard between PCs, and you can even combine Mac, Windows, and Linux together.

Share one keyboard and mouse with multiple computers (Mac and PC) - No switch

The functionality is great all in all, but the syncing issue is somewhat of a concern. Synergy syncs up via the internet, so at times there is latency. When switching to a second computer, you may notice a slight delay in typing or a delay with your cursor.

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  8. If you need to have a latency-free experience, the best option would be to purchase a hardware switch and avoid any software like suggested above. After that, you can simply press the button on the hardware switch and your peripherals will quickly change from one PC to the other. The entire process is effortless and requires no software. If you are willing to wait for delivery, this option is certainly the best for anybody wanting the most fluid experience.

    One final option would be to purchase a standalone mouse that has switching built into it. This option is actually a mix of software and hardware. The mouse suggested above will connect to both computers wirelessly via one Dongle and via Bluetooth and you can switch seamlessly with the press of a button.

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    You can also download software from Logitech to add extra functionality such as shared clipboards and easy file sharing. Also, because the M switches between a wireless dongle and Bluetooth connectivity, your second computer will need to have Bluetooth.

    Software KVM Switches

    So there we have it, three very different solutions to solving the same problem. I hope that the information in this article has been useful. Which of these three options is the most suitable for you? Let us know.