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You can use the built-in macOS Recovery to downgrade. Just make sure you have internet access during the installation, as the software will download a previous version of macOS. The process is similar to reinstalling macOS, but will instead download the version of macOS that your computer shipped with. Using a Time Machine backup is another simple way to install an older version of macOS.

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This of course assumes that you created the backup on an older version of macOS. Before you can create the installer, you need to format the drive. If your drive is already formatted, you can skip this section.

How to download and install old versions of macOS + infographic of Mac OS evolution

Plug in your formatted external hard drive and launch the Terminal app. For macOS This will create the installer, erasing the external drive in the process.

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We'll walk you through this alternative method for installing macOS. Read More for a full list of commands by version. While this may solve your speed problem, you could go through all that trouble only to find that your Mac still feels slow.

How to Downgrade from macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Before you take any drastic steps to speed up your computer, try these tips to improve the performance of your Mac after you have updated it 3 Ways to Speed Up macOS Catalina and Improve Performance 3 Ways to Speed Up macOS Catalina and Improve Performance If you updated to macOS Catalina and find that your system is slow, here are some simple fixes to help restore performance. Read More. Also, take a moment to examine how you use it.

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By changing some of your computing habits, you could improve its performance. Some apps have this built in, so you can do it right there inside the app itself. But the Finder also supports versions, so you can revert to a previous state of almost anything. Not all apps work in the same way, but this will give you a great idea of how it all works.

On the left, you have the current version of your file.

On the right is a stack of previous versions. These are snapshots, taken automatically at intervals. To browse through them, just click the arrow buttons on the screen, or click directly on the toolbar of any of the windows in the stack.

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Versions of your file are kept right back to when it was first created. This could be years. In that case, you might prefer to use the timeline at the right of the window to navigate your older versions.

Method 1. Downgrade macOS or Mac OS X with Time Machine

My favorite trick in versions is copy and paste. The documents in the versions browser behave like regular files, albeit read-only versions. That means you can copy text from an older version and paste it directly into your current live version the one on the left. You can even search within your versions, although only in the currently displayed one.


In Ulysses, you never have to save a document. When you create a new sheet, it is all handled by the app. You never have to save anything.