Why Would You Want to Change Your MAC Address?

So, this means that your network adapter has one, as well as your Android smartphone, phablet, or tablet.

Changing WiFi MAC address in Any Android Device.

The MAC address is used so each device that connects to the Internet or a local network can be identified by its unique character code. Privacy is all important and it has become very fragile in the modern day and age.

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Each and every device on the internet can be traced and accessed via various methods, so we suggest you do everything you can to keep your privacy and data to yourself and avoid getting hacked. Those who are in the know, sometimes also referred to as hackers, can easily look up the MAC address of your device.

Changing / Spoofing Mac address in android phone or tablet.

By doing so, the hacker can keep track of your device, especially if you connect to the internet by using public Wifi networks such as the ones found at airports, coffee shops, hotels, and similar places. You might wonder why it is important that people can track your online activities with your MAC access.

What Is a MAC Address Anyway?

Well, if a hacker has your MAC address, he can impersonate you and commit various crimes using your MAC address or steal from you. On most networks, access restrictions are based on the IP address of a device, but when someone has your MAC address, he or she can easily work their way around such IP address security restrictions.

You could go as far as to change the MAC address of your network adapter, and make the restriction based on MAC addresses connecting to it if you wish to do so. Do we have your attention now? Well, basically it all comes down to two different methods of changing your MAC address — with or without root access. Even though both methods are fairly simple, we first need to check the root availability on your Android device. Download the free Root Checker app from Google Play.

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This will show you the status of your root and you will see if there is root access on your device. This is the method that can be performed only on Android devices on which you have root access. If the Root Checker app confirmed that your device has root access, then just read on.

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Get help. Replacing or change Wifi mac address in Android device. It is intended to be our identity when connected to wifi corner to be safe.

How to Spoof or Change Wifi MAC Address in Android

Usually we use wifi corner to save packet data that we have. Also offers a WiFi wireless connection is very fast and reliable, and has been used around the world. For those of you using your computer or laptop. Certainly has a lot of guys who often change Wifi Mac Address of laptop or computer and you must know how to change it?

Then how to change Mac address of your smartphone? Can it?? Usually many people replace the Mac Address is to be able to go to a specific network, after successfully joining the network, then you can easily and freely use such networks either share data or on the Internet, well the good news android users also now can we replace Mac Address.

How To Temporarily Change Android MAC Address Without Rooting

How to change wifi MAC address slightly complicated, follow the steps below. Before making sure first android device has diroot, if not diroot it will not be able to change the MAC address wifi. Download QR-Code.