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Mac Baren - Cherry Choice - Tobacco Reviews

Account Login Create Account. Never miss another pipe. Account Login Create Account Language: Mac Baren: Cherry Ambrosia g. To achieve the delightful taste in this blend, Mac Baren has selected some very special Virginia tobaccos and added Ready Rubbed Burley tobacco. The taste is adjusted with their modern Cavendish made from pure Virginia tobaccos. As a final touch, genuine Jamaica rum and a special cherry flavor have been added.

This blend gives you a cool and pleasant smoke with a taste of delightful cherries. Add To Cart Quantity: Not so fast! In the "Choose one" section below, Pick an options before adding to your cart. Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia Family: Aromatic Cut: Customer Reviews 9 Total. Write A Review. Write a review. Two lousy stars Not to mention how many other brands they bring to the States for us Capstan and St. There isn't too much in the way of tobacco tastes; a delicate Virginia note with a subtle Cav' sweetness.

Mac Baren Cherry Choice 20g

The Burley, however, goes totally unnoticed. This isn't a 'brilliant' aromatic, I do feel, though, it's had a bit of a raw deal! My fourth review of Choice series. A mild tobacco that gives me more cream than vanilla flavour. Burns evenly, no bites, mildly sweetish. Not too chemical, but the chemo is there. Bitter doesn't come out. Left some in the pipe overnight - didn't get ruined like with most aromatics.

If vanilla cream from mac baren is your thing - this one is a better smoke for me, but more neutral too. Cavendish definitely improved here, like with all Choice series. I would though not buy it again as it is inferior to "original" or "aromatic" choices to me. Burns fast and have an ideal humidity. May be diffrent taste for beginners. I'm being ruthless on this review because I think that there must be an end to calling things aromatic when they are not.

Mac Baren: Cherry Ambrosia Review

When a fella buys Vanilla anything that's what he wants, same goes for cherry or whatever grabs your fancy. That's my beef with this- you open the tin and it smells like many other Mac products Plumcake comes to my mind. Then there is the smell of it burning , I don't it as the smoker and no one gets it as a inhabitant in fact 'take it outside' is the request.

I think the world of Mac Baren products and have smoked them for over twenty years now but I just wish that aromatics would deliver that syrupy smell that the name promises otherwise stick to something else entirely,. Mild and aromatic choice in Mac Baren. Generally found it everywhere. Not good, not bad but you may smoke at out of tobacco times. I really like Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream. That tobacco, when smoked properly, is pretty sublime.

This is pretty much similar to Original Choice, just with vanilla.

Not really a bad thing. Cherry Packaging: Tin Country of Origin: Denmark Flavor Intensity: Shipping Constraints:. Overall Rating 4. Showing of 23 Reviews Sort By Date: Newest First Date: Not as flavorful as I thought, but still a fine tobacco. Yes 0 No 0. I am not an expert, but of all of the brands and styles that I have tried and they are many I'm staying with this one. Incredibly aromatic tobacco.


Its smell is so nice that my wife lets me smoke inside the house. Tinieblas G. I really enjoyed this blend. Has a distinct cherry flavor mixed with others that compliment the flavor. I could still taste the cherry flavor an hour after I finished my pipe.

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Neal P. I found the tobacco to be mild to the taste and mellow to the aroma left after smoking it. I just started smoking again after quiting for fifteen years and was hoping to start up again with the old Ambrosia blend I had smoked before. The Ambrosia blend that I came to enjoy was a house blend of a tobacco shop that made their own blend and because they can't get all the same tobacco's to make their signature blend I have been hunting for another company and this is very close to it just lacking in the taste and aroma that I came to love before.

I will keep buying this cherry Ambrosia blend in bulk until I find the one that best matches my favorite. I do recommend this blend to anyone looking for a mild smoke to enjoy all day. Martin B. I like all MacBarens products and have used them for years. Fine tabac, fine blended, aromatic and smooth.

Marc R. Mark G.

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  • Tried all cherry blends available and Mac Baren got it right. Subtle yet noticable flavors with just enough chunks of "cake" to balance the sweets with spice. Now a staple to my rotation. James P. I thought it was really good, had a great taste thru the whole bowl.