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All devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1. AirSync

AirPlay 2 also enables device mirroring to share the content of your phone's display on another device. AirPlay 2 rolled out as part of iOS The full list of compatible devices is as follows and these are basically the Apple devices you'll be able to use:. Apple AirPlay 2 adds speaker control to the Home app, meaning you can individually control all of your AirPlay-compatible speakers from your iPhone for the first time.

This is something that can already be done using a MacBook with iTunes, but iOS devices have previously lacked the ability. Considering it's more down to the phone sending the audio signals to the speakers, we expect any streaming service you have installed on your iPhone to be able to work with AirPlay 2 speakers. When you play music from your iOS device, you can select which speakers around your home you want it to be sent to and control individual volumes of those speakers.

These controls can be found in Control Centre by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. One feature possible with AirPlay 2 is the ability to play different songs in different rooms, although only Apple Music subscribers can take advantage of it. You can simply ask Siri to play one song on one speaker, and another on one in a different room.

What Is AirPlay?

Another feature of AirPlay 2 is the ability for multiple users to add songs to one playlist. Say you're at a party, and one person has their iPhone as the music source, playing Apple Music - other Apple Music users are able to send songs they want played to the source iPhone, to save having to connect and reconnect several phones.

The following brands have confirmed existing hardware is getting an AirPlay 2 update. We'll update this list as more updates roll out. According to a Bose forum thread , Bose is "actively collecting information to answer inquiries about AirPlay 2 and HomeKit".

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Confirmations are scarce, but some are confirmed:. Devialet has confirmed that it will be supporting AirPlay 2, but it's still developing the solution. All of these software updates are rolling out to devices starting today.

Desktop browser for your TV

If you don't see them yet, wait a bit and look again—they should become available to all users soon. You must login or create an account to comment. Ron Amadeo. Samuel Axon. The Watch Now tab is mostly the same, but it has a few more list types and expanded personal recommendations. Individual show pages now display much more prominent key art—it's similar to what Apple previously did with Apple Music on iOS—and you can buy stuff from iTunes directly without opening another app. Scroll down and you'll see even the individual episode listings are bigger and bolder.

How to AirPlay only audio from your Mac

Scroll all the way to the bottom and you can see every option for playing the show—arguably an improvement over the menu-buried solution in the old app. The movies and TV tabs look very similar to before—it's just slightly different styling and a few organizational differences.

However, the Kids tab is new.

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How to connect AirPlay 2 speakers to your Mac

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