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We put as much thought into how you learn Swift as we put into designing the language itself. Learn more about Swift Playgrounds. We created a comprehensive Everyone Can Code curriculum to help you teach coding to students from kindergarten to college. With teacher guides and lessons, you can introduce the basics on iPad, then advance to building real apps on Mac.

A more detailed look at Swift for coders at every level.

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Learn more about Swift. Educator Forums about the Developer Site.

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Learn more about Books, Courses, and Apps. Everyone Can Code Technology has a language. Download macOS. Dark Mode Dark Mode is a dramatic new look that helps users focus on their work. Mac App Store The reimagined Mac App Store arrives with a new look and new editorial content that inspires and informs. Learn about the all-new Mac App Store.

Learn about Machine Learning. Looking at the code that Xcode has generated, you see that these are both marked with IBOutlet. This is short for Interface Builder Outlet and is how you tell the storyboard editor that these object names are available for linking to a visual object. For the button, the code does not need to have a name for it, but it does need to know when a user clicks the button. Select the button and Control-Drag into ViewController.

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This time, change the Connection popup to Action and set the name to sayButtonClicked. This creates the function that will be called when the button is clicked. Everything is now in place to edit the code. If you had hidden the Navigator , click the toggle button in the top right, or press Command-1 to jump directly to the Project Navigator. The complete code in ViewController. The blobs beside the line numbers indicate a connection to the interface in the storyboard.

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Now type in your name and click the button again to see your own personal greeting. Sometimes, we programmers make mistakes — hard to believe I know, but trust me, it happens. And when it does, we need to be able to debug our code. Xcode allows us to stop the code at any point and step through line by line, checking the values of the variables at each point so that we can find the error. Go to sayButtonClicked in ViewController. A blue pointed rectangle will appear. This is an active breakpoint and when you click the button, the debugger will stop here.

Click it again and it will turn pale blue.

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It is now an inactive breakpoint and will not stop the code and start the debugger. To remove the breakpoint completely, drag it out of the line numbers gutter. Add the breakpoint again and run the app. Click the Say Hello button. Xcode will come to the front with the breakpoint line of code highlighted. In the bottom of the Editor panel, there will now be two new sections: Variables and Console. The Variables section shows the variables used in this function as well as self — the View Controller, and sender — the button.

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Above the Variables display is a set of buttons for controlling the debugger. Mouse over each one and read the tooltop to see what it does. Click the Step Over button to move to the next line. In the Variables display, you can check that name is an empty string, so click Step Over twice more.

Select the name variable in the Variables display and click the Quick Look button below to see the contents. Now click the Print Description button to see the information printed in the Console. When you have checked the contents of the name variable, click the Continue program execution button to stop debugging and let the program move on. Use the button in the top right to hide the Debug area. In addition to code and user interfaces, your app will also need some artwork. Due to the different screen types Retina and non-Retina , you often need to provide multiple versions of each asset.

To simplify this process, Xcode uses Asset Libraries to store and organize the assets that accompany the app. In the Project Navigator , click on Assets.

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The only item there so far is AppIcon which will contain the various images needed to display the app icon in all the required resolutions.