SWATCH: MAC BY REQUEST Lipsticks in Hoop and Glam

Quote:Originally Posted by keridabeenfabb pink poodle is the business! I'll render my report Monday. I hate getting ready in half the time. Aw that sucks that after all that the movie was boring. But you looked great! Thanks for the swatches BeautyPopShop! I def chose wisely by skipping Hoop. It's just not my color. Excited to get my Pink Poodle on Monday! Originally Posted by lipstickaddict. Glad that you could stock up!

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It is such a wearable and beautiful lipstick, and it looks gorgeous on you! I wonder if it was permanent in the 90's but discontinued?

MAC By Request Collection Haul

Yep, I am keeping all of them, even though it isn't matte. It is hilarious I know, but I am very very happy to finally have such a perfect mid tone pink lipstick for my complexion. I do love Something New. It pulls a bit cool on me, but it is beautiful and I am really glad I picked it up! The next time I am at Chanel, I will definitely have to check out Exaltee! Thanks for the info! This color looks beautiful on you!

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Love it! I'm loving all the pics of you ladies wearing Hoop! I'm just amazed that it is looking fantastic on everyone!

Either we've got a gorgeous group of ladies in this thread, or that color is really flattering on a lot of skintones. Got Hoop and I absolutely love it!! I've been looking for a wearable pink like this for a loooonnnnggg time! I wore my Marilyn Monroe charmed im sure red lippie last night and thought that Glam would be kind of similar. All of you ladies look beautiful and thanks for the swatches beautypop!

My butterscotchs arrive tomorrow so Im excited to see how this will look on me! Life is too Short. Buy the Lipstick. Display all images. Recent Posts New Posts.

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