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Boot OS X From an External CD or DVD Drive - Quick Tip -

I am brand spanky new to mac and cannot see the usb superdrive anywhere and also have a dvd stuck. Sorry for sounding so ignorant but I'm not used to my macair. I have exactly the same problem. The external Apple Superdrive was working fine last time i used it but now I cannot insert a disc into the drive and I am positive there is no disc in the drive currently. Anyone out there know what to do?

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Could the drive itself be knackered? Next if you do have, have you go under the Finder from the desktop and check the box so you can see external drives on the desktop. If you have just now done that and there is a disk in the drive, drag it to the trash.

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Posted: March I have an imac using an external usb superdrive, the drive does not show up on my desktop but I can still burn to it. Once it has finished the icon appears on my desktop and is readable.

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As far as ejecting the disc I use the key in the upper right corner with the triangle and line under it, next to F12 and that works for me. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index.

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  • Is this a good question? Upon start-up this time your CD should eject itself.

    Shut down your Mac and unplug the MagSafe power adaptor from your Mac and from the wall socket. Wait a few seconds then take your battery out of the Mac then re-insert the battery. Turn your MacBook back on, if your CD does not eject on its own on start-up try to eject using the eject button or by pressing F This method worked rather well for me in a couple of cases but I would try this last. Restart your MacBook then hold it on its side with the optical drive facing down.

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    If your desktop loads up and still no CD has presented itself then it was unsuccessful. A video is useful but a MacBook is very sensitive and handling it yourself in this manner is highly risky. Honestly there are only two ways to avoid this problem from happening again, get it fixed altogether by taking it to an Apple Store — which none of us want to do — or you can do what I did and buy an external optical drive.

    The thing about this issue is that if it happens a lot then there is obviously something wrong and you can ship it off to be fixed and be Macless or you can use the alternative external optical drive.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You have to open it just to get a disk out… none of those methods work sometimes.

    Even apple support told me how to do it… but the fact they have no eject button is simply retarded engineering. Before we get started After spending over 20 years working with Macs, both old and new, theres a tool I think would be useful to every Mac owner who is experiencing performance issues.