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Selecione os arquivos PDF. Clique em Abrir no canto inferior direito da janela. O envio pode levar alguns minutos dependendo da quantidade de arquivos selecionados. Clique em Join Files Compilar arquivos. Baixe o PDF Creator.

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Instale o PDF Creator. Abra o PDF Creator.

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Abra o menu "Iniciar". Abra o "Explorador de arquivos". Clique em Merge Combinar. Clique em Merge all Compilar tudo no final da janela. Clique em Save Salvar no canto inferior direito da janela.

Icecream PDF Split&Merge

Abra o "Finder". Abra um dos arquivos PDF. Clique em Exibir no canto superior esquerdo da tela. It worked amazingly well for what I needed it for. Note: You should have gs on linux and probably Mac , or Ghostscript on windows installed for this to work. Both the accepted answer and even the FDPI homepage seem to give botched or incomplete examples. Here's mine which works and is easy to implement.

As expected it requires fpdf and fpdi libraries:. I've had similar problem in my software. However, the input PDF's we've been using could be in version higher than 1. We've decided to evaluate the FPDI commercial add-on.

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However, it turned out that some of the documents scanned by our office copier were having malformed indexes, which crashed the commercial FPDI add-on. So we've decided to use Ghostscript solution as in Chauhan 's answer. We don't know yet how it would work with some advanced formatted pdfs, but for scans we use it works just fine. Here's our class excerpt:. I have tried similar issue and works fine, try it. It can handle different orientations between PDFs. I created an abstraction layer over FPDI might accommodate other engines.

I published it as a Symfony2 bundle depending on a library, and as the library itself. The bundle.

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Haim Evgi -- I was just about to post an answer saying "passthru and pdftk", and then I saw your link! Related question answered btw : stackoverflow.

Can you use a command line tool? Christa Christa 3 3 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. I cannot understand your code.

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I also did not find "setSourceFile" and "importPage" functions in fpdf manual. H Jan 25 '11 at I went back and looked at my solution a little more in detail. I hope this is more helpful. I completely forgot about the fdpi part this morning when I wrote this, its one small part of a pretty complicated PDF generator I wrote.

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It makes it better to read i think. Below is the php PDF merge command. Sanjeev Chauhan Sanjeev Chauhan 3, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. It worked for me without problems and without installing external libraries as FPDI or others.


This solution worked best for me.