Know your Mac Pro's Model

The dual-processor models incorporated a pair of quad-core processors for 8 total cores, or a pair of 6-core processors for 12 total cores.

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The most common upgrade is to jump from using quad-core processors to 6-core models. Adding two single-processor models or four dual-processor models processors makes a lot of sense, and definitely provides the best bang for your buck. Remember that all of the processors you can use for upgrading the — Mac Pros make use of hyper-threading so that a two-core upgrade will be able to run four processing threads, not just two. Merely upgrading processor speed while staying with the same number of processor cores probably isn't a good use of your budget. If you're thinking about going from a single-processor to a dual-processor configuration, we would advise against it because it's not cost-effective.

While it can be done, you will need to replace your Mac's existing single processor tray with a dual tray. You will also have to purchase two processors, not one because the single-processor Xeons won't work in a dual configuration; you'll need Xeons designed for use with multiple processors. It's much easier to upgrade the processors in the and Mac Pros than the models. Bumping up from a quad-core to a 6-core can be an effective way to get a few more years out of your Mac before you need to consider replacing it.

Share Pin Email. Also see notes in 2nd report below on having 5,1 EFI updater download ready. Not seeing any difference I then decided to buy a new processor. Back on eBay I found an X 3. Got it a few days later, and literally within 10 minutes after opening the packaging, it was installed and up and running with no problems whatsoever. The installation couldn't be easier and certainly a heck of a lot easier than on the machine. All benchmark scores went through the roof with this new processor and increased ram speed. Yes please! Updated comments from follow Well I continued onward recently.

I bought a dual 2. I put both Xs onto the dual processor tray and after some effort to get the heat sinks on but not too tight, it works perfectly.

The Definitive Classic Mac Pro (2006-2012) Upgrade Guide

A reader eventuallly did after seeing a Youtube video on removing the Integrated Heat Spreader, but some risk with that. Thanks for the update Dave and sorry for the late posting. I doubt Apple will ever release another Mac with that many internal upgrade options. The late Mac Pro design focus seems more on 'work of art' instead of a user upgradeable Workhorse.

Know your Mac Pro's Model

An earlier report noted the 5,1 file at apple was moved and suggested downloading the EFI update and having it on your local HD for use with the 'unofficial' updater script. Last edited: Feb 6, Reactions: JamesPDX. Aug 20, 39 Gold Coast, Australia. Nov 2, 2, The Netherlands. I have a whole Excel spreadsheet with separate tabs and even Xserve models included but there is no way to put a table on this forum for now. Still figuring out what would be best to do. I have W on the list as well, thanks for the confirmation. Reactions: m4v3r1ck. I'm hoping to finish up around the same time tomorrow.

The Most Powerful Mac Is 6 Years Old and Not Sold By Apple

Last edited: Feb 7, Bokkow has been doing a lot of work on this, to get it better organized and more presentable. I've seen a draft table and it looks great. As soon as he's done I'll get the first post updated. Reactions: BillyBobBongo and m4v3r1ck. I think at least one of the forum members have X running in their 5,1.

I'm curious if X will work in the 4,1 and 5,1s. Oct 11, Baltimore, MD. Reactions: ActionableMango. Hey Pastrychef, would be great if it worked, fastest single core chips in the family, however, 4.

If you find a user who has it up and running please let me know! I really wanted the X to work, because that chip would probably be ideal for me. When they finally became affordable enough on Ebay, I looked into it.

Mac Pro CPU upgrade (single socket) - iFixit Repair Guide

Many people have said it wouldn't work, but I still held out hope because they hadn't actually tried so themselves. But eventually I found the following post. I've updated the first post with Bokkow's formatting. It is much improved! He also added Xserve compatibility and TDP wattage information.

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I've also removed the two processors that were likely compatible, but for which I could not find any verification i7 and W So the list is now entirely processors where I could find verification somewhere. Reactions: bokkow. Happy to contribute!